Psychological First Aid

First Aid for the mind is just as important as first aid for the body.

The Red Cross Psychological first aid program is designed to promote resiliency and reduce the impact of loss and trauma.

It provides knowledge and skills for people to live life through understanding stressors and traumas that impact them, and helps participants gain an understanding of how to recognize when someone else is experiencing distress and how to offer help.

The knowledge gained from this course can be used before, during or after a crisis event. This training is for everyone, including Medical Professionals, law enforcement and Educational trainers.

This course has been endorsed by: The Alberta College of Social Workers,  The Alberta College of Paramedics  (30 credits for Continuing Competency), and Alberta Health Services (Continuing Education Credits for Paramedics and Allied Health Staff). Please check the topics of this course.

If interested in taking Psychological First Aid training, there are two options, an on-line non-certification courses included in the blended learning which is completed at home and then a 7 hour curriculum in class, or the Traditional 12 hr (6 hrs a day for 2 days) in class course.


Participants receive a 3 Year certification

Recommended 16 years of age

Price: $195.00