Length of Course: 9 hours

Course Outline:

  • Fall Protection Basics
  • Hierarchy of Controls
  • Travel Restraint and Fall Arrest
  • Anchor Points
  • Connectors (Lanyards, Snap Hooks and Carabiners)
  • Body Holding devices (Harness Types)
  • Specialty Solutions/Situations (Work Positioning, Ladders, Aerial Lifts and Scaffolds)
  • Equipment Care (Inspection, Maintenance and Storage)
  • Rescue (Concepts, Planning, Suspension Trauma)
  • Hazard Assessment and Control
  • Theory Test (Closed Book Competency)

Your course will include a combination of theory and practical components to give you a real hands on approach with many types of equipment that are used for fall protection. Some of the equipment you will work with include temporary anchors, various connectors like lanyards, snap hooks and carabiners. Donning a full body harness is mandatory and you will learn how to make compatible connections with the equipment.

Participants are not required to perform a “Control Weight Transfer” in a full body harness.  

Please note that government issued photo identification is required for this course and will be verified by the instructor. Failure to bring the above I.D. will result in a student not receiving certification. 

Students will receive a temporary certificate valid for 30 days upon completion of the course and will be mailed a permanent certificate valid for 3 years.