Length of Course: 8 hours


  •  Global Training Centre
  • ABCGA Standard 201 Ground Disturbance -Supervisory
  • ABCGA (Alberta common ground alliance) Endorsed
  • Recognized by Workplace Health & Safety
  • Valid 3 years

Course Outline:

  • What is Ground Disturbance?
  • What is an Underground Facility?
  • Code of Practice for Ground Disturbances
  • Undertaking a Ground Disturbance
  • Sources for Finding Underground Facilities
  • Notification to Facility Owner
  • Approvals/Crossing Agreements
  • Regulations
  • Line Locating
  • Exposure
  • Backfill Inspections
  • Permits and Pre-job Meetings
  • Emergency Response Plans

Ground Disturbance Level 2 is a relatively new course that offers the student a complete understanding of what a Ground Disturbance really is and how to undertake a Ground Disturbance. Your Ground Disturbance course will take you through the Pipeline Act and Regulations. You will become certified in the supervision of Ground Disturbance activities. Whether you are a backhoe operator, surveyor, environmental engineer or are preparing to build your own deck or fence on your own property, this course will give you the tools and knowledge to safely complete the work and avoid a potential pipeline hit. The course we teach is Global Training Certified assuring full recognition in all industries.